Yoga Core Strengthening Exercises

Yoga Core Strengthening Exercises

Yoga has become a very popular form of exercise. There are different types of yoga. It reduces stress and exercises your body and mind. It is actually the body's way of healing itself. It is a mind, body connection. However, did you know you can also work your abs using yoga? The stretching exercises in yoga are good for your abdominal muscles because they make the muscles tone and firm. The best part is that you can do yoga right in your own home. Remember to start out slow and don't overdo it. Remember to warm up first and consult a physician as you would before beginning any physical workouts.

Here are a few exercises you may want to try:

1. The torso stretch - Place your hands at your sides and lift yourself up towards the ceiling while holding your breath for about 40 seconds.

2. The yoga crunch - Lay on your back and bring your knees up to your chest, hands over your head. Flex your feet towards the ceiling. Do not arch your back on the way down.

You will want slow and controlled movements when doing these exercises. You should feel the burn after several repetitions. You should also control your breathing process. This helps to stretch your abdominal muscles. one of the best forms of yoga is Pilates. This form of yoga focuses on the core/torso of the body and the rear, which control most of the body's actions throughout the day. There are movements for every fitness level. Pilates has become very popular at working the abdominal region. There is a yoga movement known as "the plank", where you basically push up your entire body on your arms and toes. It is very difficult, but very rewarding. There is also the "side plank". These are both beneficial movements, but may take a while to master.

If you take a few minutes out of your hectic day and try some yoga, it will not only benefit your abdominals, but your total body and mind as well. You will gain confidence by accomplishing the more advanced yoga movements. Along with your newfound confidence, you will also gain focus in your life.

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