How To Jump Higher To Dunk?

How To Jump Higher To Dunk?

Dunking is a dramatic, crowd-pleasing offensive move. Many times, a rousing dunk can turn that mysterious factor, momentum, right around in your favor. Clearly, dunking is easier if you're tall and can palm the ball with one hand, but there have been relatively short players who couldn't palm the ball who worked hard enough to be able to dunk. If you are considering adding the dunk shot to your repertoire, follow these steps:

Exercises to Jump Higher

If you are wondering if it is even possible to increase your vertical jump, you’ll be happy to know that with proper training... Read more

How To Jump Higher at Home

This video shows you some secret “hacks”, exercises, stretches, and techniques to allow you to gain inches on your vertical jump in only 5 minutes. Read more

Pro performance coach Alan Stein demonstrates 10 vertical jump exercises for basketball players that will increase your speed, spring, explosiveness, and strength on the court.

If you perform this basketball workout regularly these exercises can make you jump higher.

If you want to out-jump your opponents on the basketball court, do some work to improve your vertical jump. Some people can naturally jump higher than others, but no matter what type of body you're born with, you can improve your jumping ability. Add 10 inches to your vertical jump by following a specific workout strategy, then grab that critical rebound when your team needs it the most. Read more

40 Inch Vertical Jump Training

So you want a 40 inch vertical leap? I'm not going to lie to you, it doesn't come easy. If it did everyone would be jumping high and dunking the basketball. The good news is that YOU CAN increase your vertical leap if you are willing to put in some hard work and implement the right training routine. Read more

How to Increase Vertical at Home

Plyometrics for Basketball

As players get stronger and more athletic the importance of plyometrics for basketball also increases. This type of exercise helps players become more explosive as well as jump higher. Read more

Is there a secret to improve your vertical jump? You may want to dunk like the pros or you may want to improve your jumping abilities for sports like tennis, volleyball, or track events such as the high jump.

According to Miami Heat Strength and Conditioning Coach Bill Foran, "Jumping is a very explosive movement that can, believe it or not, be improved with proper training." Most NBA players have vertical jumps in the 28-inch to 34-inch range. To get your best vertical jump it is necessary to do both strength and power training. Read more

Explosiveness, as it pertains to a sport like basketball, is a combination of strength, power, conditioning, flexibility, and skill proficiency. These traits are vital to the success of an athlete at every level and are characteristics that can be improved through proper training. A standard measurement for explosiveness is the vertical jump test (used at every major basketball tryout). If you really want to reach your potential and maximize your vertical jump, it is important you participate in a truly comprehensive training program. Read more

Being able to jump high is a great advantage in so many sports. After watching the NCAA basketball tournament, I am always impressed at how the men soar in the air. They not only climb ridiculously high, but they also seem to have the ability to hit a second gear and shoot up another few inches when they need to.

Fastest Way to Increase Vertical Jump

When it comes to sports, there are several universal skills that pretty much stand out. Some of these include speed, agility, quickness and good hand-eye coordination. But there is another ability that is equally important, especially in sports like basketball, football and volleyball, and that is vertical leap. Increasing your vertical leaping ability can escalate you from a decent player to an exceptional player. The fastest way to do this is by following some key steps that involve a few tools and some hard work.

Workouts to Dunk a Basketball

There are few things in sports more impressive than a monster slam dunk. Sure, it’s only worth two points, the same as a layup, but it looks a heck of a lot cooler! Not only that, but a commanding dunk has the power to turn the momentum of a game, fire up the crowd and deflate you opponent’s ego.

How to Jump Higher (STEP BY STEP GUIDE!)

How to Jump Higher In a Week

Your vertical jump isn't just useful on the field; it's also good for showing your coach a result of all the strength you've developed in the weight room. If you want to have a massive vertical, you need to build a strong, explosive lower body, a powerful upper body and solid jumping technique. 





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